Welcome to South Jersey Home Contracting, LLC!

A Little About Us

South Jersey Home Contracting, LLC. is a small, respected family run home improvement business dedicated to making your project an affordable and high quality job that you can be proud of!

A brief note from the owner, Jimmy Barreras:

   After 20-years of working for major home improvement companies, I felt I had acquired all the experience necessary to begin my own endeavor. In 2008 I began South Jersey Home Contracting, LLC. with the goal of providing home-owners with the highest quality work at the most competitive prices. Without the burden of high-infrastructure costs that plague larger home improvement companies, I am able to do your job at the highest quality level and keep my pricing reasonable. I have maintained an outstanding record with all consumer agencies. So many of my prospective customers have seen my work on other homes in their neighborhood and furnished local references that have guided them in their decision to choose Souther Jersey Home Contracting, LLC., which is a trend I value highly.


What We Can Do For You
South Jersey Home Contracting, LLC. is local to South and Central New Jersey and is small enough to give each customer dedicated personal attention. We offer no-obligation estimates, so if you are considering any home improvement project you will be well served by calling South Jersey Home Contracting, LLC.
Here at SJHC, we're happy to provide free estimates, no matter how big or small your project is.

Call us at (609) 505-2467 to schedule an appointment.


Our mission is to provide quality service, exceeding customer's expectations through added value and partnering with professional, caring employees.


- Integrity
- Accountability
- Discipline
- Team Work
- Exceeding Customer Expectations
- Strong Work Ethics
- Respect
- Open and Honest Communication